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Xpring SDK

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XRP Ledger

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Web Monetization

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Getting Started With Xpring SDK

This tutorial familiarizes you with Xpring SDK. Xpring SDK provides tools so that you can readily develop apps on Xpring Platform, and thus send and receive value within your apps. For more information about the design and architecture of Xpring SDK, see Xpring SDK: A 10,000 Foot View.

Xpring SDK is currently available for JavaScript, Java, and Swift.

Install the Xpring SDK library

Follow the corresponding instructions for your preferred language.


Install the Xpring-JS package using npm:

$ npm i xpring-js

If you are using Maven, then in your Java project, add the following lines to your pom.xml file in the dependencies object:


If you are using Gradle, then in your Java project, add the following line to your dependencies section in your build.gradle file:


You can use either Carthage or CocoaPods to install Xpring SDK for Swift.

To install via Carthage, add the following line to your Cartfile.

github "xpring-eng/XpringKit"

To install via CocoaPods, add the following line to your Podfile.

pod 'XpringKit'

Obtain credentials for the XRP Ledger Testnet

The XRP Ledger is available on both Mainnet and Testnet. Testnet disburses tokens that have no value, but otherwise functions in an nearly equivalent manner to Mainnet. These tokens are referred to as "test XRP." See XRP Ledger Parallel Networks.

Generate your credentials for Testnet at Xpring Portal. Save these credentials for use when generating a wallet programmatically. This wallet will be loaded with the test equivalent of 1000 XRP, so you can experiment with sending and receiving value on Testnet.

You can also generate Testnet credentials with XRP Faucets. You can generate multiple sets of credentials, and use these to test sending and receiving value between different addresses.

You are now ready to build a simple app.

Build a Simple App

You can build a simple JavaScript app that:

  1. Generates a wallet
  2. Connects to Xpring server
  3. Checks balances
  4. Sends test XRP

The following sections provide JavaScript code snippets that demonstrate these Xpring SDK capabilities.

Generate wallet

Build a wallet using the seed (Secret) from the Testnet credentials that you previously obtained.

const { Wallet } = require("xpring-js");
const seedWallet = Wallet.generateWalletFromSeed("ssZYH1B6yhcAHwRRNRTS1sqCMs7Pb");

Tip: Xpring SDK also supports Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) Wallets.

Connect to server

To check balances and send test XRP, your app must connect to the Xpring-hosted server that is connected to the XRP Ledger. You can reach this endpoint at grpc.xpring.tech:80.

const { Wallet, XpringClient } = require("xpring-js");
const seedWallet = Wallet.generateWalletFromSeed("ssZYH1B6yhcAHwRRNRTS1sqCMs7Pb");
const remoteURL = "grpc.xpring.tech:80";
const xpringClient = new XpringClient(remoteURL);
Check balances

Before sending test XRP, you should check your balance.

const testNetAddress = seedWallet.getAddress();
const balance = await xpringClient.getBalance(testNetAddress);
Send test XRP

To send test XRP, you use the wallet you have created, the amount you have specified, and the recipient address you have specified.

const amount = BigInt("10");
const recipientAddress = "X7u4MQVhU2YxS4P9fWzQjnNuDRUkP3GM6kiVjTjcQgUU3Jr";
const result = await xpringClient.send(amount, recipientAddress, seedWallet)

More examples

For more examples, see the Xpring-JS repository on GitHub.

XRP Ledger

The XRP Ledger is open, ownerless, and ready for you to build on it.

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Web Monetization

A new Internet-native revenue model for content creators.

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Xpring is building the tools for developers to build the Internet of Value.

Wallets and Exchanges

XRP is the ultimate bridge currency. Add it to your wallet or exchange.

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The Web Monetization standard is a new revenue model built into the native architecture of the Internet. No ads. No middlemen. Get paid for what you make. Pay for what you take. That's it.

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Enable a new gaming economy where players can own their in-game assets and trade them for other assets or currencies.

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